Waxing + Microblading - Etre Belle Med Spa | Dallas, Texas
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Waxing + Microblading



This year and much of last year it has been clear – brows are having a major moment. Everywhere you look bold, beautiful brows are gracing the faces of the most beautiful people in the world! Make up enthusiasts and cosmetic surgeons alike, agree that changing your eyebrows can change the overall look of your face and ultimately make you more attractive! With thousands of tutorials and how to videos scattered across all of social media, it’s no secret that ideal brows aren’t easy to achieve and even the most talented artists struggle to pencil them in properly, but all of that is about to change with Microblading.


Waxing – Price based on area treated. Series packages available.

Shape and remove unwanted hair. For brow waxing, our professionals are trained to provide the perfect shape to compliment your eyes and face. Waxing lasts approximately 2 to 6 weeks, causing hair to grow back finer and with less density when performed on a consistent basis.


Microblading – $499 including touch up after 30 days. Microblading is a very small blade used to place pigments into the skin to create fuller and more defined brows. Microblading gives you the ability to throw out the products and wake up with perfect brows! Microblading is similar to other permanent makeup procedures but it is performed by manually depositing pigment superficially in the upper region of the dermis with the use of a hand tool with attached needles fused together in a linear grouping, and it does not involve the use of a machine. The Microblading technique or sometimes called Eyebrow Embroidery process involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that can be very natural looking! The process takes about two hours, and requires a touch up appointment after 30 days.